Luvata wins solar award for Sunwire Calculator

Luvata Sunwire spools

(Pori, Finland 27 September 2017)
At the Solar + Power 2017 Awards banquet held Tuesday, September 26, 2017 at the Dylan Hotel in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Luvata was recognized in the category of 'Best Cost Management Tool' for its Sunwire Calculator. The Sunwire Calculator is an online tool that enables photovoltaic module manufacturers to make more informed decisions concerning their solar ribbon needs.

"We understand the pressure on manufacturers to improve product performance, manufacturing uptime and total cost of operation," indicates Tero Horttana, Product Group Manager with Luvata Special Products. "This award recognizes that to be a world class manufacturer of solar ribbon for the PV industry we must go beyond simply providing the highest quality products. We also need to have the expertise and tools to help."

With the introduction of the Sunwire Calculator, PV module manufacturers can optimize the amount of Sunwire ribbon per spool to accommodate the speed of tabbing machines and shift changes. In addition, it provides the 
improved module efficiency and reduce overall material costs. The Sunwire Calculator requires a few simple details to determine the solar ribbon weight, the ribbon length per spool and even the ribbon length per solar panel.

Utilizing the Sunwire Calculator to determine the solar ribbon weight based on the copper width, copper thickness or coating thickness or the length of Sunwire depending on the number of cells and busbars per cells helps PV module manufactures determine the optimal results. These tools are available to solar panel manufacturers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week via the company's website.


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