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UltraBraze - Furnace Brazing Wire

UltraBraze for furnace brazing applications

UltraBraze® is specifically designed for furnace brazing applications and is especially effective in overcoming the challenges of large gap steel-to-steel brazing.

Delivering consistent brazing results with a single pass,
UltraBraze’s joint strength, wetting and filling characterists
are superior compared with traditional CDA 102 or 110 alloys.


Advantages of using UltraBraze

  • Improved wetting into weld joints with reduced puddling
    and run-off
  • Consistent, predictable results
  • Improved joint quality, appearance and strength
  • Increased productivity
  • Cost savings associated with lower energy consumption, redundant operations and the elimination of flux or binder
  • Less scrap and improved throughput


UltraBraze brazing wire by Luvata

UltraBraze is ideally suited for brazing various stampings, castings, machine screw and other piece part operations.

UltraBraze applications include:

  • Aircraft
  • Automotive
    – Torque converters
    – Muffler hanger brackets
    – Fuel rails
  • Lawn and Garden
  • Marine

Patent pending UltraBraze® consists of 4.5% zinc, 2% iron and copper and is available in the following forms:

  • Wire
  • Rings
  • Slugs

Product Brochures

UltraBraze sales sheet

Furnace Brazing Alloy
pdf, 295 kb


For more brochures, please visit the Document library 


Cost savings

Using UltraBraze, instead of traditional CDA 102 and 110 alloys, eliminates the need for flux or binder along with the costs associated with rework and defects.

Shear strength

In loose fit testing, as gaps increased the shear strength of UltraBraze increased greater than 50%.

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