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Sputtering Targets and Pellets

Luvata sputtering target

Luvata specializes in the refining and fabrication of high-purity copper for physical vapor deposition (PVD) and electrochemical deposition.

Sputtering targets, anodes and pellets are commonly used to coat electronic components and electronic instruments.

Product forms

We have the expertise and flexibility to produce high-purity copper products in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

  • Sputtering targets
  • Anodes
  • Ingots
  • Pellets
  • Semi-finished components

Whether it is semi-finished products or the targets themselves, whether it is standard anodes or a custom designed solution, we work with our customers to design the best solution to meet their unique requirements.

Main applications

  • Microelectronics
  • Photovoltaic industry 
  • Glass coatings
  • Backing plates
  • Computers
  • Hand-held gaming devices
  • LCD screens
  • Touch-screens
  • Mobile telephones
  • Cryogenic applications (RRR 800+)
  • EMI shielding
  • Decorative coatings

Our customers range from the giants in the semiconductor world to small startup companies in the booming handheld electronics industry.

High-purity copper as raw material

As even small impurities can have a significant negative influence on the desired results, we never compromise in the purity of the raw materials. Our finished and semi-finished targets and our anodes are all made from the very highest purity of copper.

We produce our own proprietary oxygen-free copper from only the best quality cathodes. This vertical integration gives us complete control over the quality and supply of our raw materials and products. 

Oxygen-free coppers and copper alloys used:

  • 99.9995% (5N5)
  • OFE-OK® (4N5) 99.995% (5N)
  • 99.995% (4N5)
  • Other oxygen-free coppers and copper alloys, such as CuP

LCD screens

Sputtering targets and pellets are commonly used in producing touch-screen TVs, computer monitors and very largest LCD screens. These highly conductive copper components are used as an alternative to the less conductive aluminium components used on smaller screens.

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