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Engineered Metallurgical Components

Bus bar systems

Luvata supplies a wide range of products and services to the metallurgical industry. Our casting moulds, cooling elements, copper elements for inductor furnaces, copper staves, sand cast cooling elements and slag runners are widely used in furnaces and smelters for iron and steel production. We also supply anode hanger bars for use in aluminium smelting furnaces.

We also have many customers involved in refining copper, nickel and zinc. For them we are able to supply bus bar systems, casting moulds, cooling elements, copper elements for inductor furnaces, sand cast cooling elements, slag runners and tankhouse accessories.


Iron & Steel Making

  • Cooling Elements
  • Copper Components for Inductor Furnaces
  • Copper Staves
  • Sand Cast Cooling Elements
  • Slag Runners

Cu-/Ni-/Zn- Refining

  • Bus Bar Systems
  • Casting Moulds
  • Cooling Elements
  • Copper Components for Inductor Furnaces
  • Sand Cast Cooling Elements
  • Slag Runners
  • Tankhouse Accessories

Al Smelting

  • Anode Hanger Bars


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Products/AreasIron & Steel MakingCu-/Ni-/Zn- RefiningAl Smelting
Anode Hanger Bars      x
Bus Bar Systems    x  
Casting Moulds x x  
Cooling Elements  x x  
Copper Components for Inductor Furnaces  x x  
Copper Staves x    
Sand Cast Cooling Elements x x  
Slag Runners x x  
Tankhouse Accessories   x  

Bus Bar SystemsCooling Elements & Copper Staves | 
Tankhouse Accessories


Bus Bar Systems

Our bus bars are supplied as part of a full package. From the engineering through the production to delivery and installation, we are involved every step of the way. This gives our customers the benefit of improved scheduling and cost control, as well as continuing the close collaboration which has become our hallmark.

Among the many advantages we offer is a unique computer simulation program, which calculates the temperature increase inside the bus bar. We use this program from project initiation to find the optimum solution for any new bus bar project.


Cooling Elements & Copper Staves for melting

We have been manufacturing copper cooling elements for flash smelting furnaces for over 25 years and copper cooling elements (copper staves) for blast furnaces since 1997. We also manufacture cooling elements based on customer drawings for applications requiring high thermal conductivity.

We provide cooling elements for flash smelters, blast furnaces, electrical arc furnaces, lead furnaces, ferro alloy furnaces and silicon furnaces. We operate in close collaboration with the world’s leading engineering companies.

Our company also produces sand casted cooling elements, using pure cathodes.

We produce a range of copper slag runners for blast furnaces, flash smelters and electric arc furnaces. These include water-cooled bended slag runners and three-part water-cooled slag runners. Our slag runners are delivered pre-assembled.


Tankhouse Accessories

We work in collaboration with a number of electrolysis facilities worldwide to develop a comprehensive range of products suitable for equipping new installations and modernising existing ones.

The following products are supplied ready for immediate installation:

  • main bus bars 
  • intermediate bus bars 
  • cell bus bars 
  • droppers 
  • flexible joints 
  • hanger bars 
  • short-circuit frames 
  • short-circuit switches (together with Watteredge Inc.)

We also provide turnkey solutions, in which we supervise the installation ourselves.

By working closely together with leading equipment suppliers and engineering offices we also have the capability to supply the electrical supply system for the entire plant.

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