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Battery Nail Wire

Battery wire

Luvata is the world's leading producer of copper alloy wire for the alkaline battery market.

Our plating capabilities are unequalled anywhere in the world, and mean that we can produce consistent tin coatings in line with the strictest specifications. We have developed the processes necessary to provide oxide-free surfaces for both pre- and post-plating. And as our processing is fully integrated, our customers benefit from improved logistics and quicker cycle times.

Luvata produces the full range of alloys and diameters used in the manufacture of alkaline batteries, with packaging options to meet all requirements.

Luvata usually produces battery nail wire to the market ‘pre-plated’. Plating is typically in the range of 0.5 – 2.0 microns of bright tin.

Other plating thicknesses, coatings and the option of an undercoat are available on request. Bare wire (to be post-plated after nail forming) is also available.


We hold the tightest diameter tolerances in the industry, ensuring the best fit with your seal to prevent leakage. 


We control the impurity levels of both the base metal and plating to the lowest possible levels to minimise gassing.


Luvata offers a refined microstructure to provide enhanced formability, dimensional control and improved tool wear.

Alloy Designation
Density 8.53 gm/cc 8.47 gm/cc
Electrical conductivity 28% IACS 27% IACS
Ability to be cold worked Excellent Good
Mechanical properties
Ultimate tensile strength 520-620 MPa 520-620 MPa
Elongation 2-12 % 2-12 %


IEC Battery DesignationSizeNail wire diameter
Typical sizeAvailable range
(plated wire)
LR03 AAA 1.35 mm 0.8-2.3 mm
LR6 AA 1.50 mm 0.8-2.3 mm
LR14 C 2.00 mm 0.8-2.3 mm
LR20 D 2.25 mm 0.8-2.3 mm
LR61 9V 1.35 mm 0.8-2.3 mm

Number one

Luvata is the leading supplier of battery nail wire worldwide. We produce enough battery nails to help our customers to produce over 4 billion batteries a year.

Non-zinc alloy for enhanced weldability

We also offers a non-zinc containing alloy for enhanced weldability. In addition a high conductivity alloy has been developed for applications where current carrying demands are high.

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