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Electronic Connector Wire

Copper Alloy Wire

We supply copper, brass, tin brass, tin bronze and high performance alloys for electronic connector applications.

As a leader in the production of copper and speciality copper alloy wire products, we are constantly developing new cost-effective, high performance material solutions. Our unique process technologies enable us to meet the most demanding requirements.

Our Application Engineering Teams work closely with our customers to create special-purpose products and processes, which we believe help our customers to maximise the value of their products and enhance their competitive edge.

Luvata supplies a full range of alloy wires for electrical and electronic applications for:

  • Electrical connectors
  • Electrical devices
  • Wire wound components

Typical Alloys Produced

  • C26000 Brass
  • C51000, C51100, C51900, C52100 Phosphor-bronzes
  • C10200, C11000 Copper
  • C19700, C19400 High performance copper alloys


Shapes and Sizes

  • Round wire from 0.0050” to 0.0900” (0.127 mm - 2.29 mm) 
  • Square wire from 0.010” to 0.0600” (0.254 mm - 1.52 mm)
  • Rectangular wire down to 0.010” thick and widths up to 0.060”
  • Flat / rectangle wire - visit our flat wire page

Special shapes and serrations are available on request.

Net spool weights range from 5 lb. to 1000 lb. (2.25 kg to 450 kg), depending on customer preference.  A variety of other spool dimensions  are also available depending on application and customer preference. 

Please contact us for technical assistance on your spool requirements.

Accurate Wire

Accurate Wire, Inc. was acquired by Luvata in March 2016.

Trouble-free payoff

We offer precision layer winding for square and flat wire products to ensure trouble free payoff.

Eddy Current Equipment

We utilize in-line Eddy Current Equipment to do 100% inspection for defects in highly critical connector applications.

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