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No other cap electrode can match Nitrode for its cost-effective, high quality performance in resistance-welding applications.

Advantages of Nitrode® include:

  • Longer weld life
  • Non-stick
  • Resists mushrooming
  • Reduces energy requirements
  • Works on all steels
  • Smoother start-ups


All Luvata materials are fully traceable.  Nitrode electrodes are easily recognizable by their single, evenly spaced knurls.


Luvata Nitrode

Our Nitrode® cap is a cold-formed alloy of copper dispersion strengthened with Aluminum Oxide.

Nitrode's physical properties

  • Hardness at ambient temperature:  Minimum 75 HRB
  • Conductivity:  Minimum 75% IACS


Cost savings

Nitrode® delivers costs savings when compared with conventional electrodes.

Longer life

Adjusting heat-programs allows you to take advantage of the longer life of Nitrode electrodes.

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