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Nitrode Composite

Our Nitrode Composite welding electrode has all the features of Nitrode but for a lot less cost. It is the newest cap technology in resistance welding.

What is Nitrode Composite?

Nitrode Composite is a hybrid of the two most common resistance welding alloys. Its inner core is Nitrode® (C15760) and its exterior jacket is Z-Trode® (C15000). Together they deliver a non-stick welding surface for ease at production startup, along with extended tip life. 

Advantages of Nitrode Composite

  • Reduces the overall cost of welding
  • Weld quality is maintained at a high level
  • No adjustments to welding parameters required
  • Can be dressed effectively using line side tip dressing


All our materials are fully traceable.  Nitrode Composite electrodes are easily recognizable by their two (2) pair of trio knurls markings, evenly spaced on the outer diameter of the electrode.

Nitrode Composite Lobe Test Summary

Electrode MaterialElectrode DesignMin. Nugget Current (kA)Explulsion Current (kA)Sticking Current (kA)
Nitrode® 16mm    "B" nose 10.5 11.5 15.0
Nitrode Composite 16mm    "B" nose 10.0 11.5 15.5

For more information on our welding products, visit the document library and download data sheets.

Cost Savings

Customers report outstanding performance of our Nitrode Composite, while saving as much as 25% annually.

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