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Sunwire Calculator


Knowing your solar ribbon is critically important to solar module efficiency and life cycle. Solar ribbon width and thickness have to be carefully adapted to accommodate the limitations of module materials.

Try the Sunwire Calculator and play with the different combinations to get the optimal results.


  How it works:

   1. Select your calculation below

   2. Input details

   3. Calculate to see results

   4. Send a summary to yourself and/or
       to a Sunwire representative for assistance


Choose your Sunwire calculation

 Ribbon weight

Select this to calculate the Sunwire ribbon weight using different copper widths, thicknesses and tin alloy coating thicknesses. Results will show the weight using different tin alloy coatings.

» Calculate ribbon weight


 Ribbon length per spool

Select this to calculate the amount of Sunwire ribbon per spool, depending on your preferred spool size. You can optimize your order  to accommodate the speed of tabbing machines and shift changes.

» Calculate ribbon length per spool


 Ribbon length per solar panel

Select this to calculate the Sunwire ribbon length per solar panel by using different number of cells and busbars per cells.

» Calculate ribbon length per solar panel 

Have you done the math?

The yield strength, thickness and width of solar ribbon can directly influence production yields and decrease cell to module (CTM) losses by 20-30%.

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Sunwire News

Sunwire® News   

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The Sunwire Evolution

The continuous advancement of our photovoltaic wire, branded Sunwire, begins by listening to the new challenges facing PV module manufacturers.

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