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Scientific Applications

Luvata has been producing Niobium-based superconducting wires and cables for nearly 50 years and we are the world's leading producer of copper niobium-titanium alloy wire and cable for a variety of superconducting applications.

Over the past few years, we have participated in internationally renowned large-scale projects involving Low Temperature Superconductors (LTS). As a result of this unmatched experience, we are recognized around the world as a leader in the development and manufacture of these specialist products.


Our superconducting wires and cables can be used for example in:

  • Particle accelerators such as the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)
  • Fusion energy research magnets 
  • NMR spectrometers 
  • Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES)
  • Lab and speciality magnets
  • Other scientific projects


The biggest application for superconductors are magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners. 


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Luvata's superconducting wire

CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, is the world's largest particle physics centre. At CERN, scientists study the building blocks of matter and the forces that hold them together. Particle accelerators are the primary research tools, and we partnered with CERN to build the Large Hadron Collider - the largest science apparatus ever built.

Our primary role was to provide superconducting wire for the dipole and quadrupole magnets, two of the most important components. The requirement was nothing short of perfection: 2,280 km of cable, with 36 strands per cable, with 6,400 filaments per strand - all supplied to the most exacting specifications. The total length of strands equalled over 680 journeys to the Moon.

CERN has recognised the value of our co-operation with a series of awards for our continuing contribution to science.

To the Moon and back...

For the CERN LHC project, Luvata produced enough superconducting filament to cover 684 return journies to the Moon.


"Five years ago, it wasn't possible to make magnets like this."

CERN spokesperson speaking to the BBC 

Creating a Star on Earth

Luvata is a primary supplier of superconducting cables to the test facility of the European Fusion Development Agreement. The EFDA is investigating fusion reactions, similar to those that heat the Sun, as a future energy source – literally creating a star on Earth.

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