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The Luvata Way

Embracing diversity in a common culture

We have named our way of working together “The Luvata Way”. You see, we will succeed on the strength of our employees along with our fundamental values and behavioural principles. Employees are driven by the culture of the company – the knowledge, emotion, ambitions and values that encourages us to do things with dedication and purpose.



No one invented our three company values. Our core company values have been maturing inside our business for many years – they are as much a part of us as our history itself.

  • Our passion for results makes us focussed, hard working and productive – always aiming for more 
  • Our customers know that we deliver upon our promises – when we say we’re going to do something, we do it.  
  • Our open-mindedness keeps Luvata discovering new ways of doing things – always innovating and never believing that something is impossible

These three values make us what we are. In turn, these three values are supported by the behavioural principles of our people.


Behavioural Principles

These seven, simple qualities have become a fundamental part of ever day life within Luvata. They are the foundation of our values. By encouraging these characteristics in our people, we will add purpose to everything we do. Living up to these principles is something we can all do, every day to make a positive difference in our future.

  • Encourage communication
  • Develop people and teams
  • Set clear goals and expectations
  • Maintain a bottom-line focus
  • Embrace innovation
  • Build relationships
  • Adopt a can-do attitude 


Amazing facts

We manufactured 7,000 miles of wire that will be part of the ITER toroidal field magnet system in Southern France. ITER, an unprecedented international collaboration to demonstrate sustained burning plasma—a necessary step for fusion energy development. 


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