Luvata in Wolverhampton UK

Luvata Wolverhampton Ltd.

Your extensive service center in West Midlands, UK

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Luvata Wolverhampton service center specializes in the supply of both semi-finished products and machined components to the medical, electronics and electrical power industry, resistance welding market and other various niche areas in general engineering.

Our products include certified grade oxygen-free copper (OFE-OK), chrome zirconium copper, cobalt beryllium copper, copper tungsten, molybdenum and other niche products manufactured to order.

Located in West Midlands, we are in a central location being a prime spot for all the main routes around the UK. We have a wide variety of stock and our cutting and machining services enables us to supply high quality products quickly to meet your exact requirements.


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Alistair Bates

+44 1902 324 747