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Luvata copper tape

Copper tapes are commonly used for electric conducting, grounding and lightning protection.

Copper is one of the safest materials for electrical earthing. It is durable, resists corrosion in soil and enables a quick discharge when lightning strikes. 

Other names for copper tape:

  • Conductive tape
  • Earthing tape
  • Lightning tape
  • Soft tape

Luvata's copper tape sizes range from 25mm x 3mm up to 63mm x 10mm. (optional bare or tinned). 

Our oxygen-free copper tape offers high electrical and thermal conductivity, toughness, workability and high surface quality.

The standard packing for copper tape is paper wrapped coils stacked on a wooden pallet, one tonne in weight per pallet.  The weight per coil can be per the customer's specification. 

The pallet is then shrink wrapped with stretch film.  The shrink wrap is to prevent oxidation during warehousing and transportation. 

Luvata also supplies coils in lengths up to 3,000 meters in a single coil.  This length facilitates the usage of automatic pay-off machines which will increase uptime.

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