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Strategy House

Globalization, fluctuating metal prices, international legislation and emerging technologies are just a few of the factors that affect the value chain from the mine to the consumer.

To meet the needs of this ever changing landscape and to deliver on our strategy, Luvata needs to be fit and strong on the inside. We continue to evaluate the best ways to maximize our core competencies in meeting the changing needs of industry to influence the development of a sustainable modern world.

The foundation of our strategy begins with our employees. We have a long tradition of being open-minded, having a passion for results and delivering on our promises. Our core values and competencies, combined with a supportive corporate culture and a unique growth strategy, help keep our organization focused and moving together in achieving our vision: 

We will use our unique technology know-how
to influence the development of a sustainable modern world

Luvata Strategic House

Our Core Values

Open Mindset

We are always looking for new opportunities to give our customers a competitive edge.

Passion for Results

We focus on achieving measurable results for our customers.

Delivering on our Promises

We do what we say, when we say we will do it. We are a trusted partner.

The Luvata Way

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