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Infiltrant Wire

Infiltrant wire

In 2008 we launched Ultra Infiltrant™, a patented process which has proven to be a much-appreciated alternative to traditional powder metal (PM) copper infiltrants.

Ultra Infiltrant™ is a wrought/wire infiltration process in which high-specification copper alloys are melted into sintered simple wire forms that are easy to handle and use. 

Easier and More Efficient than PM Infiltrants

These simple wire forms offer significant benefits over powder metal (PM) copper infiltrants:

  • Easier handling with no breakage problems
  • Less waste and infiltrant scrap
  • Improved productivity through faster assembly
  • Increased strength and quality
  • Consistency of size, strength and hardness
  • Uniform copper distribution

Ultra Infiltrant™ eliminates the need to store and handle bulky powder drums, while offering cost savings from the elimination of tooling, compacting presses, labour and the overheads that are typically required to produce infiltrant slugs. It also removes the inventory and manufacturing losses associated with oxidation, contamination, segregation, residue and erosion.

Technical details

  • Accommodates either the one-step or two-step infiltration method
  • Can be placed on the top or bottom of the iron skeleton particularly benefitting the processing of thick parts
  • Sintering temperatures from 2020 – 2060 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Sintering times from 10-20 minutes
  • Sintering atmospheres from 5-100% hydrogen

For localised infiltration, shorter times and lower temperatures are recommended.

Ultra Infiltrant™ is available in a number of standard sizes, shapes and diameters or can be customised to meet exact specifications.

Popular current configurations

  • Single wire rings 
  • Multi-turn wire rings
  • Straight-length slugs


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Sintering atmospheres

Ultra Infiltrant™ was designed for use in today’s clean nitrogen-hydrogen mixed gas sintering atmospheres and will infiltrate successfully in atmospheres as lean as 5% hydrogen and atmospheres with 100% hydrogen. The lower the dew point of the atmosphere, the lower the amount of non-adherent residue will be formed.

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