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Copper Chrome Zirconium

Superior strength

Pure copper is a soft metal and its use in electrical applications is usually based on its high conductivity rather than mechanical properties. However the production of a high conductivity material which possesses considerable strength at room temperatures and which also retains its strength if subjected to high temperatures, is of great practical importance. A zirconium content of 0.15% can increase the softening temperature by as much as 300°C while having no significant effect on electrical conductivity.

Copper chrome zirconium products include:

  • Rods
  • Bars
  • Billets

Our copper chrome zirconium is often the best choice for applications where a combination of high electrical and thermal conductivity and high strength at higher temperatures is required.

In addition to strength, studies suggest that the lowest electrode costs are obtained with copper chrome zirconium.



Copper chrome zirconium applications include:

  • Spot welding electrodes and wheels
  • Lead frames
  • MIG and MAG welding contact tips
  • Components for electrical switches and stressed parts in turbine generators
Alloy Composition Electrical conductivity
Corresponding alloys
CuZr Zr 0,15% 92 130 CW 120C C15000 17666 CuZr
CuCrZr Cr 0,8%, Zr 0,15% 75 150-180 CW 106C C18150 17666 CuCrZr


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