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Cobalt Beryllium Copper

Ultimate hardness and tensile strength

The welding of high resistance materials such as stainless steel demands a copper alloy with even greater hardness and tensile strength than that of chrome zirconium copper.

Luvata cobalt beryllium copper, with its superior hardness, tensile strength and conductivity, is particularly suitable for resistance welding of stainless steel, and is widely used for cross-wire welding applications, especially those which require extreme pressure.

Applications of Cobalt Beryllium Copper

  • Projection welding
  • Cross-wire welding applications
  • Resistance welding of stainless steel
  • Manufacturing of die casting plungers and moulds used in the plastic injection moulding


CompositionHardnessConductivityTensile Strength

Co 2.5%

Be 0.5%

Cu - Balance

HB 242

HV 255

HRB 101

47% IACS 900 N/mm2


BS Designation
BS4577 A3/1
M100 Equivalent

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