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Industrial, Electrical and Mechanical Equipment

Our products and technologies are used by customers in a variety of niche markets. We supply a broad variety of businesses and industries, including many of the world's largest manufacturers of industrial, electrical and mechanical equipment.

The material of choice for the electrical industry is oxygen-free copper. This has superior electrical and thermal conductivity, it is easily joined, it bends easily, and of a consistently high quality. Its flexibility also means that it can be tailored to customers’ specific needs.

Luvata's oxygen-free copper is used in power generation, distribution, transformation and control systems for electrical components, magnet windings, commutators, formed parts and for many other applications.

Other copper and copper alloy products can be found in domestic heating, the printing industry, fastenings and mountings, generators, switchboards, fuses, thermostats and many other applications.

Fish farming

Luvata's aquaculture wire is a copper wire that solves one of the biggest problems with offshore fish farming. Read more

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