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Luvata in automotive

Luvata has forged strong partnerships within the automotive industry, and is heavily involved in supporting other means of transportation as well. Our contributions to these industries include: welding consumables and solutions, copper profiles and customs shapes, furnace brazing alloys, wire and electronic parts.

Electronic components for modern transportation

Most modern forms of transportation rely on electricity. From the power steering to the CD player, from the air conditioning to the automatic windscreen wipers, all new vehicles require electrical components.

We manufacture wires, electrodes, connectors and furnace brazing alloys.  We produce them in copper and copper alloys, which ensure that durability, corrosion resistance, heat transfer, weldability and electrical conductivity all come as standard.

Electric vehicles

Luvata combines its many years of manufacturing and metallurgical expertise with copper's high thermal conductivity to overcome customers' challenges in terms of electric vehicles (EVs) driving range, charging times, heating, cooling and infrastructure.

Luvata recognizes these challenges as opportunities and has made improvements specifically targeting the accelerated pace of EV research and development as well as manufacturing including:

  • Custom designed semi-products
  • Insulated semi-products or components ready for assembly
  • High performance alloys
  • Specifications of extreme tolerances
  • Accelerated prototype manufacturing


Luvata products for the automotive industry:

Market Leader

Luvata is the world's leading manufacturer of resistance welding cap electrodes, supplying automotive manufacturing plants in over 25 countries.

Fully Integrated  

We offer a fully integrated production system providing a direct link to the manufacturer for product support and tailor-made alloys. 

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