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Luvata is a leading supplier of copper anodes for electroplating. Our copper anodes are manufactured from the purest electrolytically refined copper cathodes, which are melted under strictly controlled conditions to guarantee even alloying.

Each casting of both oxygen-free copper anodes and phosphorous copper anodes is made under highly controlled and optimum conditions.  This leads to the lowest variation in structural and chemical properties and therefore predictable electrical conductivity, plating and ductility performance. 

Our anodes have been designed to ensure low sludge development, stable copper content in plating, a rapid build-up of the adherent anode film to allow problem-free start-up of a new bath and a low build-up of impurities in the bath.

Anodes include:

  • Oxygen-free copper anodes
  • Phosphorous copper anodes


  • Coin blanks
  • Rotogravure printing cylinders
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Decorative plating
  • Radiators
  • Automotive parts

Our manufacturing process guarantees anodes behave exactly the same way - from plating bath to bath.

Oxygen-free copper anodes are manufactured from extremely pure copper (99.95%). These anodes are used for the alkaline plating processes in cyanide and pyrophosphate baths.

Oxygen-free copper has no pores in the cast state and no copper oxide inclusions.

We  have considerable expertise in electrochemical processes and works closely with both the chemical industry and plating line producers to continually improve products and production methods.


Luvata anode balls for electroplating

Pictured:  Luvata anode balls for electroplating.


The phosphorous content of these anodes is P 0.04 - 0.06%.  In our casting process, phosphorus is added to the master alloy which melts very fast.  Due to diffusion and continuous movement of the copper melt, the melt is instantly evenly distributed in the melt.  This leads to even phosphorus content in each anode.

Our phosphorous copper anodes are widely used in the plating of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and in acid copper plating baths.

 Luvata anode shapes for electroplating

Pictured:  Anode shapes for electroplating.

Common anode forms:

  • Balls
  • Slugs
  • Mini-slugs
  • Plates
  • Ovals
  • Hexagonals
  • Dogbones

Anodes come in different shapes and sizes, or they can be tailor-made to your specification.


8 x 15
8 x 20
12 x 8
12 x 10
12 x 20
14 x 10
14 x 20
25 x 25
25 x 30-40 

25 x 10 x L
60 x 12 x L
80 x 12 x L
80 x 15 x L

100 x 10 x L
100 x 15 x L
100 x 20 x L
130 x 19 x L
152 x 19 x L
152 x 15 x L
158 x 12 x L
170 x 15 x L
175 x 15 x L
200 x 10 x L
200 x 12 x L
200 x 20 x L
Ovals 48 x 65 x L 51 x 76 x L    
Dogbones  94 x 34 x L      
Hexagonals 39 x 78 x L       

*All dimensions are mm; other shapes and sizes available upon request.



Packaging SizesPackaging type 
Balls and Slugs
40-55 mm
15-25 mm
20 kg carton boxes on pallets
25 kg carton boxes on pallets
max 1000 kg big bags on pallets
Plates and Profiles
500/1000 kg Bundles or wooden cases



Electroplating with copper

In the plating industry, copper is mainly used due its good electrical conductivity (PCB industry) and good coating properties as well as good corrosion resistance and attractive color.

Anode benefits

  • Ultimate high purity level
  • Good dissolubility
  • Even quality
  • Full traceability
  • Low tendency to passivation
  • Low sludge development
  • Low consumption of additives

Round and smooth ball anodes are very easy to handle as they are free flowing.

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