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Luvata Pori

Luvata Pori

Luvata Pori Oy is located in west coast of Finland. It is one of the biggest industry employers in the Pori area employing about 350 people. Over 90 % of the production is exported. We manufacture 40,000 tonnes of a vaste variety fabricated copper products to many different industry areas yearly. Luvata Pori Oy started operations in 1939.

Welcome to Luvata Pori Oy

Jussi Helavirta
President & CEO Luvata





Luvata products manufactured in Pori:



Luvata Pori Oy

Visiting address: Kuparitie 5, Pori.
Driving instructions [203 KB]
Postal address: P.O. Box 60,
FI-28330 Pori, Finland
Email: <info.pori[a]luvata.com>
Phone: +358 2 626 6111
Fax: +358 2 626 5300


Luvata in Pori, Finland

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