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Accurate Wire

Accurate Wire

Acquired by Luvata in March 2016, Accurate Wire, Inc. is  a recognized leader in the supply of square wire, flat wire, round wire and custom shaped wire made out of copper, copper alloys, steel and aluminum for the Electronics, Automotive, Medical and Aerospace industries.


Products available include:

Wire alloys include:

  • aluminum
  • brasses
  • bronzes
  • carbon steels
  • copper
  • nickel alloys
  • stainless steels
  • titanium 

Please contact us regarding your specific alloy requirements.


Accurate Wire, Inc.

8 Baldwin Drive
Branford, CT 06405 USA
Phone:  +1 203 488 5956


Sales Contacts:

Robert Gagnon
Engineering/Technical Sales
Email:  rgagnon[@]accuratewire.net


Michael O’Keeffe
Email:  mokeeffe[@]accuratewire.net


Machinery and expertise

  • Wiredrawing machines
  • Strand annealing
  • Rolling mill
  • Turkshead
  • Spoolers


Eddy Current Inspection technology is used to do 100% inspection of highly critical applications.

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