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Z-Trode® is the ideal cap electrode for resistance welding of light-to-medium gauge coated and uncoated steels and aluminum alloys.  

Sticking is inevitable when you weld galvanized steel with conventional electrodes.  The chrome in conventional electrodes encourages the alloying of the zinc and copper to create a brass alloy surface that stops the welding dead.  But Z-Trode is an alloy of zirconium and oxygen-free copper.  The zirconium discourages the alloying effect on the electrode face and prevents sticking.


Our Z-Trode electrodes are easily recognized by their flats around the periphery of the electrode.


Luvata Z-Trode

Z-Trode's physical properties

  • Hardness at ambient temperature:  Minimum 65 HRB
  • Conductivity:  Minimum 85% IACS


Spatter Matters

Z-Trode is the electrode of choice for our Spatter Reduction Project.  Ask us why 'Spatter Matters'.

Cost effective

Z-Trode's increased life expectancy, maintenance savings, lower energy requirements and consistent quality welds assure you the most return on your investment.

Smooth start-ups

Z-Trode caps require no warm-up, conditioning time or initial preparation following electrode changes.

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