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Sunwire Deco for those who refuse to compromise

Spring 2017

Luvata Special Products - Sunwire Deco

The larger market for solar is driven by improved efficiency and lower costs for solar overall. To date the vast majority of homes harnessing the sun's energy are doing so using rack-mounted modules installed on rooftops. However, as the market for solar continues to grow, the demand for differentiated solar solutions has expanded as well.

Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) and building-applied photovoltaics (BAPV; retrofit) incorporate photovoltaic materials in place of traditional building materials of a home or building such as the roof, skylights or facades. The intent of both BIPV and BAPV regardless is to generate electricity for on-site use or for export to the grid. While aesthetically minded homeowners and architects want to embrace the benefits of solar and maintain curb appeal, manufacturers have struggled to satisfy both of these desires.

Not anymore. The answer to an integrated solution is here.

For discriminant solar customers and architects who want to incorporate solar modules into their designs, but refuse to forego aesthetics, Luvata Special Products offers Sunwire Deco. Sunwire Deco is available in various colours that don't distract from the beauty of their homes or designs. Specifically solar customers no longer have to compromise with the visually intrusive silver lines of solar ribbon running across the PV module. Sunwire Deco in black, the most popular alternative color, blends naturally into the solar panel, making the panel virtually invisible on the rooftop.

The advantages of Sunwire Deco also mean it will exert lower stresses on solar cells, thus leading to reduced cell breakage for solar module manufacturers. A solar ribbon's yield strength influences how much stress the soldered ribbon can cause on a silicon cell – the higher the stress, the higher the risk of fracturing the cell. Sunwire is available with lower yield strength, proven to be the softest and straightest solar PV ribbon on the market today.

As traditional PV solar panels' efficiency continues to improve, their price also continues to fall, which makes them more affordable for the masses, especially in comparison to newer alternative solutions. Simultaneously Luvata Special Products is working to ensure homeowners no longer need to compromise on the beauty of their homes, for the sake of energy efficiency.


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