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Spring 2017

Luvata has been manufacturing hollow conductors (HC) for nearly sixty years. Originally the end-use customer base for HC was largely high energy physics (HEP) studying alternative energy sources and induction heating and melting applications. Later came the more widely commercial use of HC in magnets used in MRI machines or more recently proton beam therapy.

The pace at which manufacturers need to respond to the requirements of HEP, sometimes fueled by politics, funding or the research itself, is accelerating. A similar pace, for similar reasons, is also maintained by the healthcare industry.

While the HC demands for both industries often still revolve around high purity, oxygen-free copper (OF-OK®) made to exacting specifications, other key areas are rapidly changing, namely:

  • Shorter lead times
  • Smaller orders
  • Longer lengths
  • Alternative alloys and coatings
  • Wider range of specifications

Shorter lead times and smaller orders

As a result, Luvata has accelerated its order delivery system. What used to take 5-6 weeks, now can be delivered in 3. We have also reduced our minimum order requirements. The challenges of the HC hardening or becoming rigid due to the winding on smaller barrel spools have been overcome.

Longer lengths

Luvata offers the longest jointless HC, branded Mileon®, available on the market today. In spools weighing roughly 2000 kg, Mileon gives the flexibility of making bigger, or smaller, magnets depending on the application. Regardless of magnet size this equates to zero scrap and zero chance of leaking.

Luvata hollow conductor

Alternative alloys and coatings

In health and science's pursuit for answers, Luvata's oxygen-free copper may not be the only answer either. Luvata also offers HC made from oxygen-free certified grade copper (OFE-OK®), HCP and DHP copper grades, as well as silver bearing alloys.

No one alloy, or one coating, will work in all instances. The right alloy(s), in combination with the right use of enameling, coatings or tapes, can be used to further reduce losses and increase performance. Luvata works with its customers to determine the optimal solution.

Wider range of specifications

One area we are seeing a diverging direction between HEP and healthcare is with the HC specifications. While the majority are still looking for square HC with a round or rectangular hole, the demand for different outer dimensions (OD) and hole sizes is growing. While HEP magnets are getting bigger, so is the hollow conductor OD and hole sizes. In contrast for the healthcare industry, where turns and Teslas are everything, we are seeing smaller OD and hole sizes.

Regardless these incremental improvements are making it easier and quicker for both industries to get the custom made HC they require – in the specific quantity they need - delivered directly to their door.

And after nearly six decades, we're still listening. Let us know how we can help you.


For more information, please contact:

Luvata Pori Oy
Tuomas Korvenkangas
Product Manager Special Products Pori
Phone:  +358 2 626 6914
Email:  tuomas.korvenkangas@luvata.com

The European XFEL

Contained within the electromagnets of the European X-ray Free-Electron Laser (XFEL) is over 20 kilometers of Luvata's jointless hollow conductor branded Mileon®.  Read more.


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