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Mileon News

Welcome to Mileon News

Mileon News aims to keep those associated with medical device manufacturing, particle accelerators or magnets for high energy physics informed about the latest developments in hollow conductors and Mileon®, the longest, jointless hollow conductor available on the market today.

We hope you enjoy Mileon News. 


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Issues of Mileon News

Mileon News - Spring 2017 in English
Mileon News - Spring 2017 video web

Mileon News - Spring 2016 in English

Mileon News - Spring 2016 in Chinese 

Mileon News - Spring 2016 in Japanese

Mileon News - Spring 2016 in Russian

Mileon News - Autumn 2015 in English

Mileon News - Autumn 2015 in Chinese

Mileon News - Autumn 2015 in Russian

Mileon News - Autumn 2013 in English


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Mileon® is the longest hollow conductor in the world.

Read more about our hollow conductors

Online tool list and calculator

You can make your own hollow conductor calculations with our Tool calculator, which provides the basic geometrical values, metric weight and cross-sectional areas of your own conductor design.

Hollow conductors tool list

Hollow conductors tool calculator

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