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Luvata superconductivity celebration attracts visitors at magnet conference

The 22nd International Conference on Magnet Technology (MT-22) was held 12-16 September 2011 in Marseille, France.  The conference brings together scientists and engineers from all over the world and provides a forum to discuss and debate the latest developments of magnet science, technology and applications.

This year’s conference also celebrates the 100-year anniversary of the discovery of superconductivity in 1911.  "Our 100-year superconductivity celebration campaign was well received at the fair.  We had a lot of visitors to our booth,” indicates Juha Kellokoski, Superconductors Production Development Engineer with Luvata Pori.

“Luvata's knowledge and expertise of superconductive products and delivery reliability was apparent in the various conference presentations.  With the delivered batch of copper strand, Luvata Pori is the first supplier to deliver its entire contract to the ITER project, and this delivery was even ahead of schedule,” continues Kellokoski.  To complement this activity Luvata Waterbury continues production of the ITER superconductive wire for use in its complex toroidal field application.

Luvata is a recognized leader in the manufacture of superconducting wire for medical diagnostic systems, high energy physics projects, and related applications where quality, delivery and performance are critical.  In addition to the ITER project, Luvata has been awarded a technically challenging opportunity through the CEA Saclay to supply superconducting cables for the world’s strongest MRI machine.  The superconducting wire design and production is underway at the Luvata Waterbury facility in Connecticut USA.


In May 2017, the Special Products division of Luvata was acquired by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation.


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