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SataPV project assembles photovoltaic expertise

Collaborative effort expands solar energy development

(23 March 2009:) Global metals, manufacturing and technology group Luvata has joined forces with Satakunta University of Applied Science in Finland and other prominent organisations including CimSolar, Satmatic, Sermatech, Prizztech Oy and Pori Regional Development Agency Ltd. (POSEK) to investigate ways in which the solar energy industry can meet its targets and challenges for the production of solar electricity.

The first phase of the Satakunta Photovoltaic project, called “SataPV”, investigates solar-panel manufacture, development of photovoltaic knowledge and ultimately the establishment of a photovoltaic facility to support training and testing. The project is part of the “Centre of Excellence” programme, which aims to establish a PV panel manufacturing and solar energy development facility in Satakunta. The facility will produce solar panels generating up to 30-40 MW of total yearly capacity. Finland has been at the forefront of new power initiatives and Satakunta has long been known for its energy-industry expertise.

Luvata has been developing its expertise in this area and, in early 2008, announced a further investment of €20million into its photovoltaic wire, SunwireTM. 

Olli Naukkarinen, Photovoltaic Business Director with Luvata Pori Oy summarised: “Luvata is a strong proponent of renewable energy and we look forward to working together with similarly committed organisations involved with the SataPV project to enhance the manufacturing process of solar energy solutions.”

Suvi Karirinne, Project Manager and Doctor of Engineering at Satakunta University of Applied Science, describes the cooperation of partners as being the soul of the project:  “They are giving their expertise and know-how to the SataPV project, enabling Finnish companies to be a part of developing and establishing photovoltaic energy production for Finland’s energy market as well as developing solar energy equipment and technologies for international markets.”

“Climate change, environmental concerns and self-sufficient energy policy have set the global solar-panel market annual growth to upwards of 40%.  In addition to expertise and investments, the rapid development of this sector requires knowledge of the customer base and processes covering the entire value-chain. Growth of the solar-energy sector brings opportunities and jobs as long as we focus on improving this with quick and adequate actions,” Karirinne said.

Throughout the project there will be public events focusing on the development of solar energy. The project is coordinated and carried out by Satakunta University of Applied Science’s Technical and Maritime sector and lead by project manager Suvi Karirinne. 

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In May 2017, the Special Products division of Luvata was acquired by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation.


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