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Rogesa's refurbished blast furnace 4 is lined with copper staves from Luvata Pori

In June 2015 Luvata Industrial Products in Pori delivered 243 copper staves to Rogesa in Dillingen, Germany for the relining of its blast furnace 4. This blast furnace was originally built in 1974, relined in 2003 and now completely reburbished in a 90-day project that started on June 30, 2016 and scheduled to be completed on September 30th. As of September 29th the furnace has been back in operation and running well.

With each copper stave weighing 2,4 tonnes, Pori's total contribution weighs over 583 tonnes. Luvata has worked closely on this project with Paul Wurth Umwelttechnik Essen, Germany, an international engineering company. As a long lasting partner, Paul Wurth has been co-operating with Luvata on several projects for many years already.

Luvata and Paul Wurth at Rogesa refurbished furnace

Pictured L-R: Oliver Egner, Division Manager Quality at Paul Wurth Umwelttechnik, Essen; Markus Manelius, Projects Manager at Luvata Pori; Tuomas Renfors, Production & Procurement Manager at Luvata Pori; Marco Ricke, Senior Project Manager at Paul Wurth Umwelttechnik, Essen; Pasi Ranne, Vice-President Industrial Products at Luvata Pori; and Ari Lehtola, Manager Sales and Projects Metallurgical Applications at Luvata Pori. 

Learning more about customers' operations and processes pays back as a competitive edge

Recently a group from Pori visited the project site in Dillingen, Germany together with Paul Wurth representatives to learn about the relining project as well as to gain a better understanding of Rogesa's operations. 

Luvata staveFor the team it was stunning to see the 40 meters high and 11,2 meters wide furnace, but more importantly the visit opened the opportunity to talk with the final user about the delivered copper staves, future product developments and ways to further ease the burden of installment in coming projects.

The visit reinforced that the deeper we can dig into our customers’ processes, the better we can enable new ways to give our customers a competitive edge. Our customers are facing increasing expectations, and Luvata is continuously looking to deliver improved products and processes. Only by working closely together we can meet these expectations. That's what is meant by 'Partnerships beyond metals'.

Rogesa’s blast furnace 4 processes roughly 6,100 tonnes of hot metal per day. Rogesa Roheisengesellschaft Saar mbH, Dillingen, is a joint subsidiary of Aktien-Gesellschaft der Dillinger Hüttenwerke, Dillingen, and Saarstahl AG, Völklingen.



Luvata products for iron and steel making

  • Cooling Elements

  • Copper Components for Inductor Furnaces
  • Copper Staves
  • Sand Cast Cooling Elements
  • Slag Runners


In May 2017, the Special Products division of Luvata was acquired by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation.


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