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Luvata superconductor expertise from three continents converge at ASC 2010

(July 7, 2010):  Once again, Luvata will be well represented during the five-day Applied Superconductivity Conference (ASC) 2010 held August 1-6, 2010 in Washington DC.  The superconductivity conference brings together leaders in the commercial, military, research, university, and industrial communities from around the world to discuss progress and challenges in the field of applied superconductivity.  

According to Dr. Antti Kilpinen – Vice President Luvata Superconductors, “Our continued participation in this key conference underscores Luvata’s commitment to the ongoing development of energy, medical, and related applications involving the latest superconductor manufacturing techniques and materials.  Luvata will be evident in booth #418 and we will have representatives from all three manufacturing locations including Pori, Finland; Waterbury, Connecticut; and Zhongshan, China.  We are the only superconductor manufacturer with manufacturing centers located on three continents.”

Luvata participants, both technical and managerial, will be on hand to promote the latest advances in superconductor applications while attending related technical sessions designed to share and stimulate ideas that may someday provide environmentally friendly solutions to the world’s growing energy needs.

About ASC 2010

ASC brings together leaders in the field of applied superconductivity who have a growing role in meeting the energy challenges of the 21st century.  There will be several plenary sessions focused on overviews and the broad prospectus of the field, exhibitors from major superconducting and cryogenic companies, as well as daily technical discussions from an anticipated 1400 attendees from 70 countries.


In May 2017, the Special Products division of Luvata was acquired by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation.


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