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Luvata receives Siemens Sustainability and Certificate of Excellence Awards

Luvata awarded Siemens Sustainability Award

(15 March 2013). Luvata, a world leader in metal solutions manufacturing and related engineering services, has received the Siemens Supplier Sustainability Award for 2012.  Simultaneously Luvata also received the Partner of the Quarter Certificate of Excellence from Siemens for its exemplary customer focus in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

As a key MRI wire supplier, Luvata earned the Siemens MR Magnet Technology Sustainability Award for outstanding performance in acting responsibly to achieve economic, environmental and social progress. The award recognizes Luvata’s global efforts to improve the health and safety of its employees, recyclability of packaging materials and finished products and for its work towards lead-free innovations.

“Working with our customers to produce end products that contribute to a more responsible future for everyone is part of our “Partnerships beyond metals” philosophy,” says Jim Lajewski, Luvata Waterbury President. “Therefore being selected by Siemens as the Sustainability Supplier of the Year is a significant honor for us.”

The Certificate of Excellence Award recognizes Luvata’s contributions in helping to compensate for delivery issues in other parts of Siemens’ supply chain in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  “We were able to ramp up our manufacturing to ensure our end customer received an undisturbed supply of product,” continues Lajewski.

Luvata is a recognized leader in the supply of superconducting wire for medical diagnostic systems, high energy physics projects, and related applications where quality, delivery and performance are critical.  In June 2011, Luvata announced plans to double its sales of MRI superconducting wire and cable.



In May 2017, the Special Products division of Luvata was acquired by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation.


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