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Luvata publishes new hollow conductor tool list for download

Luvata hollow conductor

(11 January 2017) Luvata Special Products has just published its latest hollow conductor tool list. The new hollow conductor tool list, available for download in standard A4 or US letter size, features the extensive list of frequently requested hollow conductor shapes and specifications. From square with round-hole hollow conductor to rectangular hollow conductor with non-uniform wall thickness, the new tool list provides the corresponding inner and outer diameter, radius and kilogram per meter measurements.

The printable hollow conductor tool list supplements Luvata's online hollow conductor tool calculator and hollow conductor tool list. With the online hollow conductor tool list and calculator you can browse older or more recently developed hollow-conductor profiles. You also have the opportunity to design your own hollow conductor using the calculator, which provides the basic geometrical values, metric weight and cross-sectional areas of your own conductor design.

Luvata has been manufacturing copper hollow conductors for over five decades. Luvata hollow conductors are commonly made from high-conductivity, oxygen-free copper OF-OK®, which is a high purity copper with an electrical conductivity of at least 100% IACS. The freedom from oxygen ensures excellent brazeability and weldability, making Luvata hollow conductors superior to oxygen-bearing copper grades. Luvata hollow conductors are also available in OFE, HCP and DHP copper grades, as well as silver bearing alloys.

Luvata hollow conductors are available as straight lengths, loose or pancake coils, small spools or large reels. Luvata also offers Mileon ®, its branded jointless hollow conductor. Rather than being measured in meters, Mileon is available in hundreds or even in thousands of meters. Mileon coil weight is often 2000 kg or greater for a one continuous - jointless - hollow conductor. This is especially important to magnet manufacturers as every joint in a magnet causes additional work, and also increases the risk for leaks. In most cases a leak inside a magnet cannot be repaired and the whole magnet must be replaced.

Hollow conductors are sometimes referred to as conductors, hollow wire, hollow magnet wire, square copper tube or rectangular copper tube. Hollow conductors are frequently found in magnets for high energy physics applications, MRI devices, waveguides and particle accelerators.




For more information, please contact:

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Product Manager
Luvata Pori Oy
Phone: +358 2 626 6914
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Online tool list and calculator

You can make your own calculations with our Tool calculator, which provides the basic geometrical values, metric weight and cross-sectional areas of your own conductor design.

Printable hollow conductors tool list A4

Printable hollow conductors tool list US

Hollow conductors tool list

Hollow conductors tool calculator


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