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Luvata pays tribute to CERN and the LHC project

The advancement of technology is only possible because of the advancement of understanding. However, the last 100 years of man’s development have taken a greater toll on the planet and created more serious questions than have been faced at any other time in our 1,000,000 years of history. Our success as a species could also be our demise.

Unlocking a safe and responsible future will depend upon how well we understand many of the smallest, best-hidden and most powerful secrets in the cosmos – those of its origins. The CERN project is a mighty example of mankind’s dedication to that.

Justin Roux, Senior Vice-President of Luvata paid tribute to the project on its historic start-up:

Today, the field of science as a whole is challenged with making new discoveries that can keep humans moving forward with a level of respect for all the other species that is long overdue. This is essential – it is beyond denial.

This is why I believe in the CERN project – this marvellous, gigantic, working monument to scientific progress. I have every confidence that, at some time in the future, names and discoveries will come from this project that will stand alongside the greatest names from history. I hope, above all, that children will sit in a better, cleaner, more peaceful world than the one we know today and say: “that was when it all began to change.”

Accelerating subatomic particles to the energy levels required by the biggest and most advanced scientific apparatus ever constructed requires pushing engineering technology to its known limits.

The superconducting magnets operate at around minus 270 degree Celsius. Luvata supplied 2,280 km of cable, with 36 strands per cable, with 6,400 filaments per strand - over 525 million kilometres of superconducting filament – that’s 684 return journeys to the Moon. The existence of the project today is a monument to Luvata’s success and that of all the contributors to the CERN project.

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In May 2017, the Special Products division of Luvata was acquired by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation.


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