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Luvata introduces Mileon

Luvata Mileon

The longest jointless hollow conductor in the world

(8 January 2013). Luvata, a world leader in metal solutions manufacturing and related engineering services, is pleased to introduce MileonTM, the longest seamless hollow conductor available on the market today.

Hollow conductors are used in a number of applications including particle accelerators, MRI scanners, plasma research devices and induction furnaces. Unlike traditional hollow conductors, Mileon gives manufacturers the option for large continuous coils or the flexibility to specify the optimum length, reducing the amount of scrap and packaging materials required. 

Mileon hollow conductors are completely jointless and produced in long continuous lengths now measured in hundreds or even thousands of meters. Made from high purity oxygen-free copper, Mileon delivers electrical conductivity of 101-102 %IACS and thermal conductivity of 390 W/Km. 

The newest cancer treatment instruments are carbon-particle therapy instruments, which are used to direct a concentrated beam into a tumour without hurting the surrounding healthy tissue. These instruments use powerful, water-cooled resistive magnets wound with hollow conductors.

“Every joint in a magnet causes not only additional work, but they’re also a major risk for leaks despite very careful inspection of the joint,” indicates Paula Tappola Luvata Product Manager for hollow conductors.  “In most cases a leak inside a magnet cannot be repaired and the whole magnet must be replaced with a new one, causing significant down time and substantial costs,” continues Paula.

Commonly requested dimensions and shapes of Luvata hollow conductor profile tools including round, oval, square and rectangle, can be found by visiting Luvata’s web site - hollow conductor tool list.





In May 2017, the Special Products division of Luvata was acquired by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation.


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