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Luvata and Ultra Infiltrant Develop Enhanced Infiltrant Product

May 14, 2008 - Appleton
Luvata, in partnership with Ultra Infiltrant (UI), introduces a patented alternative solution to problematic powder metal (PM) copper infiltrants – Ultra Infiltrant.  Manufactured by Luvata, the international metals and manufacturing group, Ultra Infiltrant is made using a unique wrought/wire infiltration process in which high-specification copper alloys are melted into sintered simple wire forms. These simple wire forms offer significant benefits over PM copper infiltrants including easier handling, less waste, increased productivity and strength.

Ultra Infiltrant eliminates the hassle of storing and handling bulky powder drums, while offering cost savings from the elimination of tooling, compacting presses, labor and overhead typically required to produce infiltrant slugs.  Inventory and manufacturing losses associated with oxidation, contamination, segregation, residue and erosion are removed with the introduction of Ultra Infiltrant.

Previously, the process involved melting PM compacts into a steel-powder matrix, requiring an extensive amount of special handing, cleaning and post processing. However, with the combined patented technology of UI and alloying expertise from Luvata, the process now uses a coil of alloy wire at the heart of the Ultra Infiltrant solution.

Ultra Infiltrant provides precise infiltrant weight control with uniform copper distribution and penetration during sintering resulting in a product with superior quality and strength.  Ultra Infiltrant is available in a variety of sizes, shapes and diameters, customized to meet your exact specifications.  Common current configurations include single wire rings, multi-turn wire rings and straight-length slugs.

UI, Luvata and ACuPowder International offer the Ultra Infiltrant solution with all three partners providing sales representation for the new technology.  “UI welcomes the metallurgy expertise and extensive global reach that our new partner, Luvata, brings to the table,” says Paul Rivest, CEO of Ultra Infiltrant.  “With our combined strengths and unique product offering, we believe that Ultra Infiltrant will become the copper infiltration product of choice within the industry.” 

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In May 2017, the Special Products division of Luvata was acquired by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation.


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