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Luvata Superconductors business unit transforms organisation to support global growth

Luvata’s Superconductors Business Unit has announced three senior-level assignments in order to maintain the momentum of the unit’s growth and success.
Luvata Superconductors has enjoyed significant international growth in recent times. It now has a market-leading position in industries such as hospital MRI scanners, is a multi-million-dollar preferred supplier to the world's fusion-energy research projects and has been a major contributor to science projects such as the CERN Large-Hadron Collider. The Business unit has also expanded its operations, including a new, purpose-built manufacturing premises in Zhongshan, China.

In the new appointments, Mr John Du is appointed Head of the superconductor manufacturing unit in Zhongshan, China, from October 1, 2012. John brings solid experience from the LPS programme and has most recently been plant manager in Luvata’s industrial-cooling plant in Söderköping, Sweden.

Mr. Jukka Somerkoski will become the Global Head of Technology. Jukka has been instrumental in the construction and commissioning of the new superconductor unit in Zhongshan. In this capacity Jukka will direct continuous process improvements and will provide technical service to all three superconductor manufacturing units. Jukka will continue to be part of the Superconductors business unit management team, reporting to Antti Kilpinen.

Dr. Hem Kanithi, VP Business Development, will become Head of Research and Development, with a focus on products for future superconducting applications. He will continue from his current assignment in Waterbury, US, and become a member the Superconductors business unit management team, also reporting to Antti Kilpinen.

Antti Kilpinen,
Vice-President & General Manager
Luvata Superconductors


In May 2017, the Special Products division of Luvata was acquired by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation.


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