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Luvata Sao Paulo celebrates ISO 9001 achievement

Luvata Sao Paulo celebrates ISO 9001 achievement

Pictured L-R: Alexandre Fonseca, Marta Brabosa, Luciano Ribeiro, Leticia Maradei, Roberto Colige and Carolina Martini from Luvata Sao Paulo.


(São Paulo, Brazil; 29 May 2019) Luvata is pleased to announce that the Quality Management System at its São Paulo, Brazil plant has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification. The certification recognizes Luvata's commitment to the highest levels of quality management and its pursuit of continual improvement.

ISO 9001:2015 is the newest update to the quality management system standard, which provides an integrated approach to quality management and continual improvement, helping businesses to monitor and manage quality across their operations, as well as achieving consistent performance and service.

"This certification is a reflection of Luvata's long-held high-standards for product quality, on-time deliveries and customer focus," says Dirk Greywitt, Luvata Executive Vice President of the Formed Products Business Unit. "Special thanks to Luciano Ribeiro, Quality Manager, who together with the team in Sao Paulo, worked very hard to ensure that this external audit was successful," commends Greywitt.

Luvata São Paulo manufactures resistance welding electrodes and other welding consumables, in addition to offering hoses, cables, tip dressing supplies and other welding optimization products and services. As a full service provider, Luvata Sao Paulo serves all global automotive manufacturers in Brazil and South America.


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Luvata is a world leader in metal solutions manufacturing and related engineering services to industries such as renewable energy, automotive, healthcare, and power generation and distribution. The company's continued success is attributed to its longevity, technological excellence and strategy of building partnerships beyond metals. Employing over 1,400 staff in 7 countries, Luvata works in partnership with customers including ABB, CERN, Siemens and Toyota. Luvata is a group company of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation.

Luvata in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Luvata in Sao Paulo

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