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Luvata Pori ranks in top 10 of large Finnish companies for offering quality summer intern experiences

Today’s summer interns are tomorrow’s skilled professionals

(21 October 2015) Luvata Pori ranked 7th among 260 large employers for offering quality summer intern experiences for students as part of the Finland-wide ‘Responsible Summer Job 2015’ initiative. The campaign encourages employers to offer realistic and challenging experiences for young people.  The survey and corresponding rankings were provided by campaign organizers.

“Luvata in Pori, Finland routinely offers 50 summer intern positions and this year was no exception,” indicates Gabrielle Vikman, Marketing Assistant and one of the persons in charge of this year’s ‘Responsible Summer Job 2015’ campaign. “The level of competition for ‘The Most Responsible Summer Employer 2015’ was extremely high, and Luvata Pori claimed seventh place in the large organizations category. They have done outstanding work with their summer employees and with the rankings this year, we can understand why demand for their intern positions is so strong."

“Luvata’s summer intern program is an opportunity for us to get a glimpse of what could be our future workforce and for interns to get a taste of us,” suggests Pilvi Järvinen, HR Specialist with Luvata Pori.  “The constructive input we receive from students, gives us insight into what is expected of employers in attracting talent looking forward.”


Arto Kesälä

A summer intern for four years, Arto Kesälä, Supply Chain Specialist is now employed by Luvata Pori.  “The summer positions I held with Luvata helped to reaffirm my decision to pursue a Master of Science in Technology degree,“ indicates Kesälä.  “Luvata provided challenging tasks and encouraged me to offer suggestions.  When I graduated I knew where I wanted to work.”

Luvata Pori manufactures a broad range of products and solutions for the metals, electrical and healthcare industries. With roughly 300 employees, Luvata Pori has a wide variety of positions ranging from manufacturing and maintenance to accounting and sales.



Luvata Pori

Luvata Pori Oy is located in west coast of Finland. It produces for example superconducting wire for MRI systems, bus bar systems for metals refining and Sunwire photovoltaic wire for solar panels.

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Responsible summer job 2015

“Responsible Summer Job 2015” (in Finnish “Vastuullinen kesäduuni 2015”) is a Finland-wide campaign aimed to challenge employers to offer young people more and better quality summer jobs.

Read more from www.kesaduuni.org/


In May 2017, the Special Products division of Luvata was acquired by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation.


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