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Luvata Opens Huge Plant in China To Supply Automotive Industry

November 27, 2006
Following a US$3million investment, Luvata has announced the opening of Asia Pacific’s largest resistance-welding consumables plant at Suzhou in China. Luvata is a leading international supplier of solutions, services, components and materials in a variety of metals for manufacturing and construction.

Resistance welding caps are used by automotive manufacturers to weld car bodies and panels. The Luvata products – under the brand names of Nitrode, Z-Trode, A-Trode, C-Trode, Cupal, and Nitrode Composite – are renowned for their long life, high quality and ability to reduce assembly costs. They will be used by leading manufacturers in the Asia Pacific region, including Honda, General Motors, Volkswagen, Toyota and Citroen.

The 1700 m2 plant, located in the China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park, is ready to work at full capacity, following a fast-track programme of just six months of  installation and commissioning of machinery. The plant will initially use raw material from the USA, Europe and Japan. However, Luvata is also actively looking to develop material sources within China in the medium to longer term.

The facility in Suzhou will be Luvata’s third plant of this type. It will incorporate technology that has already been proven in Luvata’s facilities in Delaware, USA and Welwyn Garden City,UK. Luvata’s advanced welding electrodes are made from special alloys and composite materials and are renowned for their high working quality.

Jussi Helavirta, Executive Vice-President of Luvata's Electrical and Industrial Division commented: "The new plant is another illustration of our dedication to being a global supplier. Car manufacturing is a global business that remains particularly strong in Asia. Suzhou will enable us to focus on the ongoing, huge demand for welding electrodes in this region. It's an aggressive industry, often with very short lead times, so we need to be close to where the action is. This plant will make sure that we can stay responsive to our customers."

John Cooper, Project Manager of the Suzhou facility adds: “It has been something of a whirlwind getting everything in place ready for the opening. It feels like only yesterday that the team were sitting down to discuss the project for the first time – not the 10 months it has been in reality. But this doesn’t diminish our achievements in any way. The result of our work is a cutting edge plant that will serve Luvata and our customers for many years to come.”



In May 2017, the Special Products division of Luvata was acquired by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation.


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