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Luvata Lean achievement highlights consistent product quality

Luvata electrodes

(1 December 2015) Luvata, a world leader in metal solutions manufacturing, heat-transfer technology and engineering and design services, announces its manufacturing facility in Delaware, Ohio USA has achieved Lean status. Luvata Ohio received particularly high marks for safety, employee engagement and built-in-quality.

“We manufacture a significant quantity of different, highly specialized products every day,” indicates Dirk Greywitt, Vice-President and General Manager of Luvata Ohio. “Nothing is standard yet every item must be made to the most exacting specification and delivered to the customer on time - every time. Our highly engaged workforce, an unrelenting focus on product quality and the successful application of Lean principles enables us to do this day after day.”

Lean is a world-renowned production philosophy made famous by Toyota, which focuses on minimizing waste in the pursuit of quality and value. Luvata committed to the pursuit of Lean by establishing strict benchmarks and measuring systems across its businesses. Its assessment, based on principles which are recognized across many industries, requires a score of 3 for certification.  Luvata committed to the pursuit of Lean certification in 2006 and currently has three manufacturing locations certified as Lean.

The 73,600 square-foot industrial facility in Delaware, Ohio manufactures resistance-welding electrodes, welding accessories and other similar copper formed products. It has sister manufacturing locations in Welwyn Garden, UK; Suzhou, China; and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Luvata is the world's leading manufacturer of resistance welding cap electrodes, supplying automotive manufacturing plants in over 25 countries. 



Advantages of Cold Heading or Forming

  • Fully cold forming hardens the alloy
  • Material cost savings in comparison to machining
  • Faster process than machining

Cold heading is ideal for manufacturing large quantities of parts for high volume users.


In May 2017, the Special Products division of Luvata was acquired by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation.


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