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Square, Flat, Rectangular and Custom Shaped Wire

Square, Flat, Rectangular and Custom Shaped Wire

Luvata is a world class manufacturer of square wire, flat wire, rectangular wire and custom shaped wire. 

Common alloys include:

  • aluminum
  • brasses
  • bronzes
  • carbon steels
  • copper
  • nickel alloys
  • stainless steels
  • titanium

Please contact us regarding your specific alloy requirements.


Common shapes:



Accurate Wire by Luvata full round edge wire


Accurate Wire by Luvata square edge wire



Thickness:  0.001" - 0.125" (0.025 mm - 3.2 mm)

Width:  0.005" - 0.500" (0.125 mm - 13 mm)

Please contact us with your specific size requirements and tolerances.



Accurate Wire by Luvata flat wire spoolNet spool weights range from 5 lb. to 1000 lb. (2.25 kg to 450 kg), depending on customer preference.  We can also accommodate a variety of spool dimensions, depending on the application and customer preferences. 

Please contact us for technical assistance on your spool requirements.


Shaped wire by Accurate Wire / LuvataWe are a world class manufacturer of custom shaped wire.  We can custom design tooling and processes to achieve your specialty wire requirements.

We design and build our own equipment to ensure we maintain the highest quality levels and tightest tolerances.


Available custom shaped wires:

Accurate Wire by Luvata custom shaped wire




In-line laser inspection

We have in-line laser inspection capabilities to monitor and report SPC data for critcal applications.

Accurate Wire

Accurate Wire, Inc. was acquired by Luvata in March 2016.

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