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MIG-Welding Contact Tips

MIG-welding contact tip

For many years, deoxidized phosphorus copper (DHP) was the preferred alloy for contact tips because of its low cost and availability - it is still in widespread use today. However, for more demanding applications requiring high wear characteristics and resistance to softening, other alloys can give a superior performance and are better suited for the most rigorous arc welding conditions.

Dispersion strengthened copper (DSC) tips are unsurpassed in quality and reliability. DSC tips will maintain their hardness at the highest temperatures and are extremely durable.

MIG-contact tips are available in a choice of alloys:

  • Dispersion Strengthened Copper (DSC)
  • Copper Chrome Zirconium (CuCrZr)
  • Silver Bearing Copper (CuAg)
  • Deoxidized Phosphorus Copper (DHP)


In controlled applications our DSC tips have provided up to 5X the life of a standard DHP contact tip.

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