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Rods, Bars, Busbars, Profiles and Shapes

Luvata rods, profiles, busbars

Luvata produces many types of rods and profiles, in standard and custom shapes, and in a range of materials. These all have individual properties that make them suitable for specific applications. They include:

  • Oxygen-free copper
  • Zirconium copper
  • Tellurium copper
  • Cobalt beryllium copper
  • Copper tungsten

So, whether servicing the electrical, semiconductor or power generation market, we are well-placed to recommend the ideal material for conductivity, formability, weldability or tensile strength.

Innovation is nothing new for us. As a full-service metal producer and supplier, we have pioneered many innovative techniques and processes in the fabrication of copper; from copper redraw and cold forming to cold extrusion of copper and alloy piece parts, and the advanced process development of dispersion-hardened copper.

We produce a full range of standard busbars and round rods from oxygen-free and different silver-bearing coppers.

Properties and characteristics:

  • high electrical conductivity (min. 100 IACS)
  • good forming properties
  • bendability to a minimum of 90°
  • tight dimensional tolerances and
  • excellent surface quality

Copper rods and bars are used for:

  • power distribution
  • power generation
  • semiconductors and
  • electronic applications


  • bus trunking
  • busducts
  • components for general use and electric vehicles (EVs)
  • copper bushings
  • electrical motors and generators
  • heat sinks
  • injector sleeves in diesel engines
  • power distribution panels 
  • switchboards 
  • switchgear
  • vacuum interrupters



Luvata has significant experience in tooling design and in copper product development, and this has resulted in our profile products being accurately matched to customer specifications and processes. Our tooling design is based on a thorough understanding of process and process control.

Custom shapes

We see custom shapes as an opportunity for creative problem-solving and ingenuity, and believe that we have a genuine competitive strength in this area.

A sample, a drawing, or even a description of the desired shape gives our engineers enough of a starting point to develop the finished product. We regularly work CDA 10100, 10200, 10500, 10700, 11000, 12200, and 15000 alloys, but we welcome the opportunity to explore other possibilities for customised shape requirements.


  • Commutator bars
  • Channels
  • Rotor bars
  • Holding wedges
  • Step shapes
  • Trolley feed rail


Rotor bars for Wind turbines

Luvata's offering includes rotor copper components for wind turbine generators. These rotor bars are manufactured according to customers specifications. The quality requirements are high for both all measures and surface. Only oxygen-free copper can be used for this application.

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