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MIG-welding contact tubes

Oxygen-free copper tubes

Luvata produces oxygen-free copper tubes in standard grade OF-OK, silver bearing oxygen-free copper and certified grade OFE-OK that is compliant with ASTM F68 specification.

High-performance tubes by Luvata offer very high electrical conductivity, toughness and ductility and come in a wide array of sizes and dimensions, including standard wall and heavy wall thickness.

Main applications:

  • power generator phase rings
  • high-vacuum devices
  • high RRR (Residual Resistance-Ratio) cryogenic components
  • wave guides
  • klystrons
  • microwave transmitter


MIG welding tubes

Our offering also includes DHP tubes for MIG welding contact tips. We use a manufacturing process whereby the final drawing operation is through a die and mandrel. Since the mandrel determines the size and shape of the bore, the process guarantees an exceptionally tight diameter and a smooth surface finish for the bore.

Oxygen-free copper

Luvata OF-OK is a high-purity copper with electrical conductivity of at least 100 % IACS. 


Oxygen-Free Copper for Industrial Applications
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See also our many alloy data sheets in the Document Library

Welding products

In addition to MIG welding tubes, Luvata also offers a wide variety of other welding products.

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