Luvata supports next generation of manufacturing leaders

(13 February 2019) With three facilities in Wisconsin, Luvata Appleton has been a proud sponsor of educational internships for over 20 years. The focus of the internship program is to help prepare future leaders in their selected discipline, such as Engineering, Drafting/Design, Purchasing, Human Resources and Technical Writing.

"Our internship program is intended to provide a glimpse at the diverse opportunities in manufacturing and to give interns an opportunity to gain confidence, network and build their resume," says Kelly Bubolz, Human Resources Manager with Luvata Appleton. "Meanwhile Luvata benefits by having this energetic and highly motivated pool of talent as part of our team. Our internship program is a valuable part of student learning and our hiring process," summarizes Bubolz.

Some of Luvata Appleton's interns and mentors share their thoughts on the internship program:

Luvata Appleton

Taylor King, Technical Writer Intern

Projects include organizing reports, photography and consolidating work group documentation for training.

"This internship has helped me to figure out where I want to go with my Communications Major. Interning at Luvata, you get office time, plant floor time, and even some time in the lab. There's really no better place I could be to figure out where I want to apply my degree.

I think my favorite part of working at Luvata is the atmosphere. The machine operators are very knowledgeable and willing to help you learn, the office workers are funny and can point you in exactly the direction you need to go. Most of all, I love that we can laugh over the small, goofy things that happen throughout the day." 


Luvata Appleton

Chris Werner, Purchasing Intern
Projects include working with outside vendors, selecting plant support materials and learning a manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

"I would have to say that while working for Luvata, the best part has been how helpful everyone in the office has been to me. They are always willing to help guide me in the right direction. My mentors have been invaluable resource of information for supply chain topics.

I also have really enjoyed getting to know everyone in the office over my time here. It can be hard to connect with people only being part-time during the semester. That being said, many people have taken time to stop by and either introduce themselves to me, or just ask me how my day is going. I cannot say how much I appreciate this. Finally, on more of a funny note, I really enjoy the food here." 



Luvata Appleton former interns

Pictured L-R former Luvata Appleton interns hired on for permanent employment: Kelly Bubolz (Human Resources Manager), McKaela Koehler (Senior Buyer), Leah Hoeger (Quality Engineer) and Phill Nuernberger (Mechnical Engineer).

Kevin Thomson, Engineering Intern Mentor
"As a former co-op (intern), student intern programs are very important to me. My time as a co-op molded me into the successful engineer that I am today. Now as a member of the manufacturing world for the better part of a couple decades, I see the benefits from the employer side of intern programs.

Interning students are able to see the engineering and design fields as they relate to the manufacturing and construction worlds. Companies, like Luvata, with intern programs are able to help mentor the engineers and designers of the future. Being a mentor can be rewarding, as you get to see the future develop right in front of you." 

McKaela Koehler, Purchasing Intern Mentor
"Being a mentor has allowed me to focus on my leadership and communication skills. It is very rewarding to watch someone learn and grow, and know that you had a direct impact on their success."

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