Luvata Appleton Lean achievement begins with customer first approach


(Pori, Finland 20 March 2018) Luvata, a world leader in metal solutions manufacturing and related engineering services, announces its manufacturing facility in Appleton, Wisconsin has received its Lean certification. Luvata now has five locations that are Lean certified.

Located in Northern Wisconsin, Luvata Appleton is a leading fully-integrated producer of copper alloy wire. With three manufacturing facilities totaling over 300,000 square feet, Luvata Appleton manufactures battery nail wire, garment fastener wire, photovoltaic ribbon, precision cut-to-length wire and other similar wire products used in automotive, battery, electronics, solar and welding applications. Luvata Appleton is ISO 9001 certified.

"Our approach to Lean begins with understanding our customers' needs," indicates John Stevens, President with Luvata Appleton. "Then we look to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. This is the foundation in adding value for our customers and our success in achieving Lean status."

Lean is a world-renowned production philosophy made famous by Toyota, which focuses on minimizing waste in the pursuit of quality and value. Luvata committed to the pursuit of Lean certification in 2006, establishing strict benchmarks and measuring systems across its businesses. Its assessment, based on principles which are recognized across many industries, requires a score of 3 for certification. In the recent 2018 audit, Luvata Appleton scored 3.2. Still early in its Lean journey, Luvata's consistent application of the principles and their indoctrination into its culture will over time lead to similar results at all locations.

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