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Luvata Appleton

Luvata Appleton

Luvata Appleton is the world's leading fully-integrated manufacturer of copper-alloy wire. With the technical capabilities to provide customers with solutions to improve their performance, Luvata Appleton is recognized as a leader in quality and innovation and is the supplier of choice for demanding wire applications including:

  • Alkaline batteries
  • Solar photovoltaics
  • Electronics
  • Ammunition
  • Welding
  • Furnace brazing
  • Copper infiltration
  • Cold heading.

With three manufacturing facilities located in Northeast Wisconsin Luvata Appleton can provide a wide array of copper alloy wire products and offers over 60 alloys including:

  • Brasses
  • Phosphorous bronzes
  • Silicon bronzes
  • Tin brasses
  • Cupro nickels
  • High copper alloys
  • Nickel silvers

Wire products are available plated or bare in a wide range of round diameters as well as in flat, square, profiled and serrated shapes.


Product Brochures

 Luvata battery wire datasheet   Copper alloy wire datasheet  UltraBraze
Battery Wire
pdf, 253 kb
Copper Alloy Wire
pdf 245 kb
UltraBraze Furnace Brazing Wire, pdf 294 kb


For more brochures, please visit the Document library 

Contact details

Luvata Appleton

553 Carter Ct.
Kimberly, Wisconsin  54136
Phone:  +1 920 738 8119
Phone:  +1 800 747 2912 U.S. toll-free
Fax: +1 920 749 3850

For job applicants or HR related questions, please phone:  +1 920 738 8136

Sales Contacts

Tom Jacques, Director of Sales & Marketing 
Email:  thomas.jacques@luvata.com

Andy Stevens, Director of Ammunition Products
Email:  andy.stevens@luvata.com



If you are interested in applying for a position at Luvata Appleton, please email us at  appleton.recruiter@luvata.com or contact us directly by calling +1 920 738 8136.



Battery nail wire

Luvata Appleton is the leading supplier of battery nail wire worldwide. We produce enough battery nails to help our customers to produce over 4 billion batteries a year.

Fully integrated

Control over the casting, drawing, annealing and product packaging options delivers consistent properties and quality throughout the entire manufacturing process.  This ensures customers receive the same wire quality from the beginning of one spool to the end, and from one cast lot to another. 

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