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Luvata São Paulo

Luvata São Paulo

Luvata São Paulo, located in São Paulo, Brazil, manufactures resistance welding electrodes and other welding consumables.  As a full service provider, Luvata Sao Paulo serves all global automotive manufacturers in Brazil and South America.

Luvata Sao Paulo also offers hoses and cables, tip dressing supplies, electronic weld checkers, robotic protection materials, weld optimization and parameterization services, robot optimization and weld system maintenance. 

Founded as Intermachinery in 1992 and acquired by Luvata in 2012, Luvata São Paulo has grown and prospered to become the leading resistance-welding electrode supplier in Brazil.

We serve the automotive and welding industries throughout all of Brazil and South America.

We have sister facilities in Delaware, Ohio USA; Welwyn Garden City, UK; and Suzhou, China to better serve our customers' needs worldwide.

Products offered by Luvata Sao Paulo include:

Product brochures available in Brazilian Portuguese

  A-Trode Datasheet  Contact Tips Datasheet Nitrode Datasheet

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Contact Tips
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Z-Trode Datasheet


Luvata Welding Accessories

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Welding Accessories
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Luvata Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo at a glance
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 Luvata Sao Paulo Terms & Conditions of Sales

Sao Paulo Terms and
Conditions of Sale

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Luvata Sao Paulo Terms & Conditions of Purchase

Sao Paulo Terms and
Conditions of Purchase

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Política de Gestão da
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Luvata Sao Paulo

Avenida dos Autonomistas, nº 4.900, Galpão PR406-B
06194-060 Osasco - SP, Brazil
Phone: +55 11 3515 2003


Sales contacts:

Carolina Martini
Phone: +55 11 3514 1009
Mobile: +55 11 94835 4444
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Ask us why Spatter Matters

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Many of our welding brochures are also available in other languages besides Brazilian Portuguese.  Please visit the Document library.

Luvata in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Luvata in Sao Paulo

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