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In truth, it would probably be easier to list the things that we HAVEN'T done. We began by developing methods of casting long cannon barrels for warships in 1580.

Solving the problem of casting a long tube with a perfectly concentric hole increased the range and accuracy of cannons and stopped ships from blowing themselves up in the 16th century - but it also led to new developments in many, more constructive areas of technology. Since then we have probably pioneered more processes and products than almost any other company we can think of.

Our solutions have included everything from consumer batteries to supermarket chiller cabinets, from zippers on trousers to particle accelerators that will recreate the origins of the universe.

This is a world filled with challenges and opportunities relating to health, science, lifestyle, power generation, transport, building... the list is endless. There are so many ways to make tomorrow even better than today.

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