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Our Strategy

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Today, globalised business, shifting metal prices, international legislation and emerging technologies are just a few of the factors that affect the value chain from the mine to the consumer.


Partnerships beyond metals

Our customers asked us to go beyond just supplying metal products and become more of a business partner. Luvata’s strategy opened a new era of opportunity by creating stronger partnerships in all the markets in which we operate.

We called this strategy ‘Partnership Beyond Metals’.


Three pillars define the strategy:

Grow specialty products using our innovation and diverse experience to bring value to new markets and developments
Drive technical and business innovation in cooperation with customers to bring improvement to their products and processes
Strengthen our presence in high-growth markets and regions where our global footprint and local presence will have a significant impact.


To deliver on our strategy, we improved our Operational Excellence in every function; production, product development, sourcing, sales, recruitment and intelligence.

The foundation of all of this was our tradition of delivering results, honouring our promises and staying open-minded. Our principles and our corporate culture support every part of our operation.

All over the world, our customers face increasing expectations from their customers. Demands for better functionality, higher performance, greater sustainability and improved value for money are the norm.  Our ‘Partnerships Beyond Metals’ philosophy has helped our customers to address three primary business goals:

Improve operational efficiency

Gaining more value from materials and manufacturing processes. This may include any number of different improvements, such as minimising yield losses, improving productivity, up-time and quality or optimising material and scrap handling.

Improve products

Optimising performance and differentiation in products. This can be by improving design and performance, optimising material selection and usage, or enabling new product development opportunities.

Reduce tied-up capital

Releasing capital throughout the value chain including streamlining interaction with customers and suppliers, optimising production flow or optimising machine utilisation and use of space.

Our Core Values

Open Mindset

We are always looking for new opportunities to give our customers a competitive edge.

Passion for Results

We focus on achieving measurable results for our customers.

Delivering on our Promises

We do what we say, when we say we will do it. We are a trusted partner.

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